The church loves to have new people to join with us. Each of us were once new here ourselves.

  • We love to worship, to be a church family, to pray not only for ourselves but with each other and for each other.
  • We want the Holy Spirit to worship with us.
  • We want to grow in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And we realize we cannot without each other and have others join here with us.
  • We believe that anyone new with us is God delivered. That no one comes here by coincidence.
  • We want to make Jesus Christ known and to be known as making Him known.


Someone visiting 2nd Presbyterian said recently, “I’ve been in a whole lot of churches, but I have never seen such welcoming that I’ve experienced here at this church.”

Our work, as believers and as a church, is to be difference-makers for the Kingdom of God under the LORDship of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.