Art Moffat
Art Moffat, Jr.


Art was unchurched for 18 years of his adult life. Reason was his god. Until he met the LORD. The LORD showed him a church that was no coincidence. It was a powerful church filled with wonderful ministries. Several years later God called Art into His work to become pastor. That church that the Holy  Spirit led him to proved to be the perfect church to later lead others into the Kingdom of God.

Now, Art is at 2nd Presbyterian where God is working “THE MIRACLE OF MOXHAM” as well as other amazing works of God.
He previously served 4 different churches of  different sizes.
Henry Blackaby said, “Look for where God is working, and go there.” When  Art received the call to go to 2nd Presbyterian, that was what on his mind. God had a plan, a work, and a mission, and a great church to carry it out.

Pastor Jack

           Pastor Jack has strongly served a number of different churches..  He is now the Executive Administrator of New Day.  His pastoral ministry style is second to none.  And, on Sunday evenings Jack teaches our Disciple 3 Small Group.  Plus, we are really blessed to receive his teaching sermons every other month.

Sarah Pruss

Pianist, Organist, and Choir Director
Sarah is amazing! She blesses God and everyone around her. She was a music major at Penn State.  The piano is her instrument. Her love of God swells during worship.  He leads and guides her.  She lets Him.

Joe Carney

Joe is the clerk of the church.  He was a professor of chemistry at UPJ for a number of years.  And Joe is from Tennessee and has the accent to prove it. He does so many wonderful things for the LORD at the church and joins a variety of people into assisting in these.

Ryan Wedlock Worship Leader
Ryan Sedlak
Worship Leader

Ryan leads our worship each Sunday.   He is a joy to work with Sunday after Sunday.  He brings his gift of conversation with him as he leads our worship and as he extends himself to both old and new members of our congregation in God’s service.

Chad Mostoller Passing The Peace
Chad Mostoller
Passing The Peace

Chad leads the “passing of the peace” which leads off our worship.  He is in our Disciple Group for the 3rd year and has a true hunger for the WORD of God.and to pass that on.

Aaron Wedlock Sound Technician
Aaron Sedlak
Sound Technician

Aaron blesses the LORD each week with the sound system duties.  He sets up the various mics for the worship leaders and for the choir.  Then he records each sermon for the podcast of this website and then edits each one each week.