Jesus Christ

  • That He is LORD.
  • The Head of the Kingdom of God on earth and heaven.
  • That salvation comes from no one but Him.
  • That He willingly went to the cross to die for us.  He took our place in death.
  • That Jesus is God’s own Son who came to earth in human form to show us the ways and teachings of God the Father in heaven.


The Holy Spirit

  • He is the Spirit of Jesus on earth.
  • After Jesus went up to heaven (ascended into heaven) 10 days later, God the Father sent the Holy Spirit to earth.  His work, like that of Jesus, is to  make believers and then to empower those believers with Himself.  He empowers us for God’s amazing work.
  • The Holy Spirit first leads a person to Jesus. Then He guides that one to daily living to live like Jesus.
  • When you know the Holy Spirit, you realize that He is your forever friend.  Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake sake you.”  The Holy Spirit helps you to realize that.

The Bible (the Scriptures — New Testament and Old Testament

  • We believe that the Scriptures are the Word of God.  All of the WORD. That we are not to add to it or subtract from it.  It is all that we need—if we read it, if we hear it, if we believe it.
  • We believe that God offered us His WORD: to know about Him, to show us who He is, to allow us to know His absolute AGAPE love for each of us, that we are all sinners that can be save by His grace, to show us His plan for eternal salvation through His Son Jesus, and, to understand that the Holy Spirit can be our best friend.

The Church

  • The church is God’s means to make Jesus Christ and His eternal salvation known.
  • The church is also to help us to carry out the mission of Jesus on earth.
  • We are to be there for each other.  No one is more important than another.
  • We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus to fulfill His ministry on earth and in our communities.
  • We at 2nd Presbyterian believe that the LORD has specific and individual missions for each different church.
We believe that we are part of the MIRACLE OF MOXHAM that God is doing right now.  That God has been doing the past 2 years.  And we praise God that He is trusting us to be a part of that.  We want to be faithful.