Our Small group study this fall is being taught by Art on the book of John.

At 2nd Presbyterian, we are committed to grow individually and as a church through small groups. We believe that you cannot grow spiritually on your own. As one person said, “We go to heaven in packs!” We limit each group to 10 persons. Small groups help you to know other believers, to pray for others but also to pray with others, to be accountable to God and other believers, and to grow in Jesus Christ together.

If you would like to know more about our small group ministries…

Pastor Art has taught 68 small groups throughout his ministry. It is one of the areas that God called him and uses him to grow people spiritually and to grow churches.

Pastor Jack also taught several  small group studies through the years he has been with us.

Our small groups meet in homes. They are 2 hours with a “halftime” in between. Halftime is a 15-20 minute snack fest.

We are built around the small group (early church) concept of gathering 10 people around a teacher to grow them together and as one (Acts 2:42-48). Each of our small groups studies God’s WORD. The church then becomes a seminary as well as a place of worship.